Classes We Offer

Students at Franklin have the opportunity to participate in our program for all four years of their high school career.

Beginning Video Production

Growing Together

This is an introductory class for students who want to learn different video-making skills and who want to pursue video production as a professional career. We will explore the art of storytelling using tools that are essential to making a film.  Some of these are storyboarding, cinematography, video editing, acting, directing, and sound design. Projects will be highly dependent on group work; success will depend on daily engagement.

Intermediate Video Production

Hands-On Learning

This class is a continuation of our beginning class with an emphasis on video production as an art form. The first semester will help students further develop their editing skills in Premiere. Second semester will focus on developing composition, story, production and directing. Students will learn to manage video projects, meet strict deadlines, and collaborate with curriculums outside of video production. The goal of this course is to provide students with the skills needed to perform successfully in either Internships or Directing - both next level courses. Students can check out all video production equipment in this course, both for take-home and in-class use.


Professional Filmmaking

This class is for students who want to learn the different skills required in the making of films and who want to pursue the role of directing as a professional career. Students will explore the filmmaking process through  Story, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Premiering. As the capstone for Franklin High School’s Video Production department students will complete one film each semester, one documentary and one narrative. Both films will be premiered at the end of each semester.  The community will be invited to watch student work. Projects will be highly dependent on students’ abilities in leadership, professionalism, and project management; success will depend on daily engagement.


Career in Filmmaking

In this course students will be provided with the opportunity to develop their production skills and build their portfolio with the goal of getting them ready for work outside of the classroom setting. Students are required to work on two projects per semester: a creative project and a video produced for a client of their choice. Students use this course to determine their strengths and weaknesses, with goals to improve and gain more experience in areas in which they feel less proficient. Students will plan, communicate, produce and collaborate in a professional manner.